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SIUC awards equal hours for all transferrable work. A difference in hours between equivalent courses is granted general transfer credit (elective credit).


Transfer Course Equivalency Guides

Transfer INsight

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This section of the Transfer Student Services website is focused on transfer course equivalency information as a guide to how courses from select institutions will transfer into SIUC – thus providing Transfer INsight.

With a few simple clicks, you can view a listing of all courses from a particular institution, select a search on one course at a time, or retrieve a listing of courses which fulfill a specific area of the University Core Curriculum (UCC).

Courses do change from time to time, both at the transfer school and at SIUC, so this information is subject to revisions. Some courses may not be currently offered or no longer offered by the school. If the course prefix, course number, and course title do not match what is listed on the Transfer Guide, check with the Articulation Coordinator or your advisor before enrolling in a class. With the large volume of schools and courses, every effort is made to keep this information updated as is possible. If you do not find a school listed, we evaluate courses from that school on a course by course basis. Accreditation of the school also factors in to acceptance of transfer courses.

Illinois Community College listings will include UCC Course and several Major Course equivalencies. Illinois Four-Year Institutions and Regional schools outside Illinois will list primarily UCC Courses with a few Major Course equivalencies as determined by the Major Departments. Other schools outside of Illinois will focus primarily on UCC Course equivalencies.

3 Easy Steps to Search Transfer Course Equivalency:

1. Select the State and SUBMIT.
2. Select School within State and SUBMIT.
3. Select the specific View you need.